BBQ booking terms and conditions

I/we understand we are booking the whole BBQ area and should the areas, BBQ’s & ovens not be left in a clean and tidy manner and/or glass is brought into the area we will forfeit your deposit. You are responsible for the area so please ensure BBQ’s are locked when you leave.

We agree to be respectful to our neighbours and will pay any Security call out fee caused by our booking.

Should you wish to book the BBQs longer than 2 hours you will need to lodge a separate written application for approval by the body corporate.

The common areas are for the use of residents only, due to previous issues if you require a booking of more than 10 people it will need to be approved by the body corporate or you will need to pay for a security guard to be onsite during the booking, currently $140 for 2 hours, payable before the booking.

These areas close at strictly 10pm, all users are to vacate the area and have it clean and tidy by 10pm.


To have your $100 deposit returned please follow the rules below:

  • NO Glassware BBQ area
  • NO Smoking & NO Pets
  • BBQs & Ovens must be cleaned ready for next occupant to use
  • Area to be left clean and Tidy and all rubbish removed
  • Area cannot be used after 10pm or before 7am
  • Noise is to be kept to a minimum as not to disturb the other residents

Management reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee if the area is left in an unreasonable condition or any security call outs are caused

BBQ bookings are popular, especially in summer, bookings are secured by first in first booked so please book early to avoid disappointment. The booking is not secure until deposit is received, and you receive a reply confirming the booking.

Please note the initial email received by you after the online booking is made is NOT a confirmation of the booking, please wait for another correspondence from the management confirming the booking.



By-Laws state:

Moving of furniture and other materials must be booked through the building manager, who will nominate a time and lift to be used for the purpose of such moving;

Protective curtains must be used for all moves;

The building manager may require a security deposit to secure payment of the cost to make good any damage caused by the move;

Items must not be brought through or left in the main foyer at any time.

The Body Corporate request that advance notification of intended moving in or out must be submitted and approved by the Building Manager at reception a minimum of 48 hours before the move. Bookings are taken on a first-in first-served basis, as such, we encourage you to book a time as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

A $200.00 refundable cash deposit required when collecting the lift key. If less than 48 hours notice is given, if a booking is changed or canceled within 48 hours a fee of $50 will be payable to have the lift prepared.  LIFT KEYS ARE $100 TO REPLACE, DON’T LOOSE THEM OR LEAVE THEM IN THE LIFT.

NO items are not to be left in the front lobby or in any common area, any items left in these areas will be removed and removal costs taken from the deposit. Any mess or spills are to be cleaned up immediately.

Reservation Times for move-in and move-out are strictly between the hours 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday for a Maximum of 3 hours. Moves outside these times are not permitted unless prior special arrangements have been made with the Building Manager approved by the body corporate. Only soft luggage-type items or deliveries can be moved in/out without the lift padding.

Should any damage or cleaning to the common property be sustained full cost recovery action will follow and the deposit will not be returned. Please use reputable companies with appropriate insurances. Please ensure any common areas, paintwork, lifts/hallways etc. left dirty or damaged by your removalists are rectified or you will be charged for this. No shopping trolleys are to be brought into the building.

Lift Protection Building Management will install protective curtains to the lift. LIFT DOORS ARE NOT BE HELD OPEN, IF HELD OPEN FOR TOO LONG THEY WILL GO INTO ERROR AND STOP.

A contact mobile phone number must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard at all times. Trucks and other vehicles are not permitted to block any Common Areas at any time.

Boxes & Packaging from moves must be removed from apartment floor levels and not left bin rooms they must be removed off-site at your cost or placed in the bins provided in the loading dock. If they are left in any other common area you will be charged to have them cleared

We encourage you to book as early as possible as bookings are allocated as a first submitted, first approved, Fridays are very popular and if there is already a booking for the time you want you will have to change your moving time. We will not be able to honour the lift booking if one of the lifts is out of service.

Please take extra note for entry heights and lift dimensions as

The Yards Apartments

Large transporters must park in the designated loading area and access will be dependent on the size of the removalist truck. The removalist truck driver should be advised to park in the loading dock accessed from Carriage Street. The loading bay entry height is: 4.5m Internal lifts: 1300mm wide x 2000mm long x 2500mm high Internal North Hoist: 1500mm wide x 2100mm high 2200mm deep

The Greens Apartments

Large transporters must park in the designated loading area and access will be dependent on the size of the removalist truck. The removalist truck driver should be advised to park in The Green loading dock accessed from Brewers Street, separately from the carpark entry, where the height limit is 3.5m. The lifts in all buildings in The Green have the same approximate internal dimensions: (fire stairs may also be used for larger items by prior arrangement) Lift Opening is 1000mm wide by 2100mm high and Internal is 1450mm wide by 2400mm high by 2100mm deep.


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**Please note use of lifts are strictly between the hours 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

All Bookings are not confirmed until you receive a response from the building manager.


Cancellation Policy: to view our cancellation policy please visit our terms and conditions page here. By clicking “Book Now”, you agree to the terms and conditions.